Article I


Name and Purpose


Section 1.        This organization is the Fayette County Republican Party and will be referred to as the FCRP throughout this document.


Section 2.        The purposes of the FCRP shall be to promote Republican ideals, values, and Republican elected officials across Tennessee while, at the same time, helping Republican nominees defeat Democrats in general elections. This includes fostering the growth and strength of the FCRP in both membership and funds.


Article II
County Executive Committee


Section 1.        The affairs of the FCRP shall be governed by the County Executive Committee (CEC) in accordance with the by-laws of the Tennessee Republican Party and the Republican National Committee, and the by-laws contained herein.


Section 2.        The CEC shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms, Asset Manager, Chaplain, immediate Past Chair, all State Executive Committee members representing the county, President of any Federated Republican Women’s Club in Fayette County, and the Chair of the Fayette County Young Republicans (or in their absence, a representative of those constituencies appointed by the State Chair).


A. The Vice Chair, Vice Secretary, and Vice Treasurer shall be of the opposite sex of their counterparts and will automatically assume the duties of the Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer in his/her absence.


Section 3.        Neither the CEC as a body, nor the County Chair, shall endorse any Republican candidate in a contested primary election for local, state, or national elections.


A. This Section shall not apply to a Chair in a primary election in which the Chair, his/her spouse, or his/her immediate family member is a candidate.


Section 4.        Members of the CEC are expected to attend every meeting.  Three successive absences without a valid reason are grounds for removal from the CEC. County officers elected during county reorganization are required to attend every meeting and shall be automatically removed for having been physically absent from three (3) consecutive committee meetings.


Section 5.        The County Party Chairman shall contact the State Party prior to the resignation or removal of a CEC member. The County Chairman shall ensure that all procedural requirements have been met according the State Party Bylaws.



Article III

Election of Officers


Section 1.        Election of officers to the CEC shall be made in accordance with Tennessee Republican Party By-laws and Rules. Officers are elected at county reorganizations held between January 15 and April 15 of each odd numbered year. 


Section 2.        In the event of the death, resignation, or moving out of the county by an officer, the CEC shall proceed to elect a new officer to fulfill the remainder of the term. The vacancy shall be filled at either a regularly called or special called, meeting of the CEC within thirty (30) days after such vacancy occurs.  If the office to fill is the Chairman or Treasurer, the Vice-Chairman or Vice-Treasurer, respectively, shall automatically assume the duties of the office until the CEC elects a replacement. Should the CEC select another officer to fill a vacancy they shall, at the same meeting, select an individual to fill the resulting vacancy.



Article IV



Section 1.        The CEC shall set its schedule at the beginning of each year prior to January 31st.


A. The CEC shall meet at least quarterly in non-election years and shall meet monthly during election years.


Section 2.        Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by one third (1/3) of the CEC with seven (7) days written notice to the membership.


Section 3.        A CEC member may give his/her proxy to any other CEC member. The proxy shall name the individual authorized to exercise the CEC member's vote.  It shall state the date of the meeting for which the proxy shall be effective, and the limitations or instructions, if any, under which the designated proxy shall be voted.  No individual shall be permitted to hold and exercise more than two valid Proxies at any meeting.  


Article V

Officers’ Duties


Section 1.        The County Chair shall be the chief executive of the FCRP and of the CEC.  He/She shall be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the CEC and shall coordinate the political activities of the FCRP.  He/She shall preserve order and decorum at all meetings. He/She shall have the right to vote on any motion at a CEC meeting, but may reserve his/her vote to break any ties.


A.    The County Chair shall have the right to approve all special committee chairs.

B.                 All special committees created under a County Chair shall cease to exist at the end of the Chairman’s term.


Section 2.        The Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the County Chair in his/her absence.  If both the County Chair and the Vice Chair are absent from a CEC meeting, the CEC shall elect a temporary County Chair to preside at the meeting.


Section 3.        The Second Vice Chair shall assist the Chair and Vice Chair and perform the duties of Chair in the absence of both.


Section 4.        The Secretary shall take the minutes of each meeting of the CEC.  If the Secretary must be absent from such a meeting, the Secretary shall be responsible for obtaining a replacement.  The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the County Chair of the CEC.  All records of the Secretary shall be and remain the property of the CEC.


A.    The secretary shall be responsible in transmitting material relevant to the Tennessee Republican Party via electronic communication in a timely manner. Such material shall include, but not be limited to:


1.      Announcements regarding biennial reorganization

2.      County party bylaw changes or quadrennial bylaws submissions

3.      Local candidate nomination decisions

4.      Vacancies and the election of county party officers


Section 5.         The Vice Secretary shall assist the Secretary in his/her duties, perform the duties of Secretary in his/her absence, and immediately assume the role of interim Secretary in the event the position becomes vacant.


Section 6.        The Treasurer shall be responsible for implementing an internal system of financial controls.  He/She shall be responsible for the bank statement and shall be responsible for counting and depositing moneys received by the FCRP.  The Treasurer shall report at each regular or special meeting of the CEC all receipts and disbursements since the previous meeting.  All records of the Treasurer shall be and remain the property of the CEC.


Section 7.        The Vice-Treasurer shall assist the Treasure in performing his/her duties and immediately assume the role of interim Treasurer in the event the position becomes vacant.


Section 8:        The Parliamentarian shall ensure the proper use of Robert’s Rules of Order and adherence to Bylaws during all meetings of the FCRP.


Section 9:        The Sergeant at Arms shall maintain order at all meetings of the FCRP and assist in practical details of the meeting as directed by the Chair.


Section 10:      The Asset Manager shall be responsible for the storage of all equipment of the FCRP, including flags, signs, tables, chairs, and any other FCRP equipment needed for meetings and events.


Section 11:      The Chaplain shall provide a spiritual element for meetings and events by, for example, leading prayer and directing FCRP activities during the National Day of Prayer.


Article VI


Bona Fide Republican


Section 1.        The following shall be FCRP membership requirements for candidacy to public office, and appointment to positions such as Election Commissions. The TRP hereby defines the term "bona fide Republican," or the like, as:


  1. Any individual who is actively involved in the Tennessee Republican Party, his County Republican Party, or any recognized auxiliary organization of either; and resides and is registered to vote in said county; and either


B.     Any individual who has voted in at least three (3) of the four (4) most recent Statewide Republican primary elections; or


  1. Any individual who is vouched for in writing to the satisfaction of the State Chairman as a bona fide Republican, such as by an officer of the TRP, a member of the SEC, CEC of the County where the individual resides, or a Republican elected official. The State Chairman may require additional verification that the individual in question is indeed a bona fide Republican, and shall have final authority to make the determination.


1.      The TRP and the FCRP shall maintain a list of all recognized auxiliary organizations for the application of the foregoing standards.


a.       The FCRP shall submit an updated list of recognized auxiliary organizations prior to their biennial reorganization. The State Chairman has final authority on all approved auxiliary organizations.


2.      “Actively involved in” in the foregoing section shall be defined as a quantifiable contribution including, but not limited to, time or money to Tennessee Republican Party, his County Republican Party, or any recognized auxiliary organization of either during the time period since the most recent County Republican Party reorganization.




Article VII


Requirements to Seek County Party Office


Section 1.        A person shall be required to meet all rules and regulations to run for party leadership as is prescribed in the Tennessee Republican Party Bylaws and Rules.


Section 2.        The FCRP defers to the Tennessee Republican Party Bylaws and Rules for all issues concerning the rights of members to vote in County Party meetings.


Article VIII

Amendment of By-Laws


Section 1.        These by-laws may be amended by a majority of the full voting membership of the CEC at any meeting, provided that notice of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken includes a copy of the proposed amendment.  Any changes or amendments are subject to approval by the Bylaws Subcommittee of the SEC and the Chair of the Tennessee Republican Party.



Article IX



Section 1.        These by-laws are intended to be in conformity with all by-laws, rules, and regulations of the Tennessee Republican Party including the Republican National Committee, governing federal and Tennessee statutes, rules and regulations. From time to time the State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party may adopt amendments and rules to the Bylaws and Rules of the Tennessee Republican Party, this body shall promptly take such actions as is necessary to conform therewith.


Article X


Robert’s Rules



Section 1.        The most recent revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings on matters not specifically covered by these By-Laws or the By-Laws and Rules of the Tennessee Republican Party.