The United States of America is still the strongest, wealthiest and most free nation in the world but our demise seems to be upon us because we, as a nation, are abandoning the principles on which our nation was founded. Our Constitution, the greatest governing document ever written by man, is being misinterpreted and in many cases ignored. Many of our own citizens cry for its re-writing or replacement.


Our wildly rising crime rate, extreme diversity of values, falling educational levels and rapidly declining production of

real and tangible products are causing our position of respect in the world to be diminished.


The Fayette County Republican party (FCRP) intends to work for a return to the strict interpretation of our

Constitution and the return to the principles of the other founding documents and the God given ideas and concepts of the founders who wrote them. The concepts and values are still valid. Only our allegiance to them has changed.


Specific areas of concern follow.


1 - The Documents of the Nation’s Founders


The Fayette County Republican Party supports strict interpretation of the Constitution by the Judicial, Executive and

Legislative branches of government and vigorously opposes any attempts to make it subordinate to any foreign nation, group of nations or organization such as the United Nations or any world court.  We also do not consider valid any treaty that contradicts our Constitution.


2 - USA Sovereignty


A. Constitution vs Treaties (Constitutional bypasses):

We believe that globalists are determined to erase our sovereign borders and integrate us into various multinational structures and tribunals.

We oppose entering into any treaties that threaten the sovereignty of the U.S. and its Constitution.

B. Foreign Interest in U.S. Properties:

We believe that foreign ownership of U.S. lands, businesses and natural resources should be limited to assure U.S. control and security. 

C. North American Union: 

We believe that “economic” cooperatives without proper U.S. controls are endangering our national security, our economic prosperity and the sovereignty of our nation.  

We oppose any form of North American Union that, in any way, threatens our sovereignty.

We strongly oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

 D. Position on United Nations: 

We believe that the UN and those who support it are working for the destruction of the United States of America as a sovereign nation and we advocate the withdrawal of the US from the UN for any other purpose beyond that of negotiating peace in the world. 

E. National Security & Illegal immigration: 

We believe that all law enforcement officers should be allowed to enforce all immigration laws.

We insist on the closing of our borders to illegal immigration by any means necessary as a first step to establishing national security.

We further oppose awarding any benefits whatsoever to those who are in this country illegally.

We oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

We believe that “jobs that US workers will not do” is a myth.

We believe that Children born to illegal immigrants should not be granted automatic citizenship.


3- The Cultural War


We believe that moral and religious teaching is a responsibility primarily of the home and that the educational system should support the moral values of the community and its families.  

We believe that Partial Birth Abortion is a barbaric practice and ANY abortion is criminal (except in cases to save the life of the mother) and should be prosecuted as such.

We respect marriage to be that of one man married to one woman. That family so created is the foundation of a healthy and moral society.

We believe each community should be free to limit pornographic exposure to its citizens as that community sees fit.

In the case of internet porn, we favor strict laws restricting its presence with severe penalties for non adherence.

We believe that the pendulum of “separation of church and state” has swung much too far in the direction of secular favor and that a more fair treatment of religious values be allowed in public institutions and pubic places.

We favor a RETURN to the respect in government for Judeo-Christian values.

We do not believe in total religious and value based restrictions on entertainment but we DO believe that the industry needs to be regulated to stay within the bounds of the values of the general public and not allowed to play to the perverse appetites of a small part of our population.


4 - War on Terror


We believe that the war on terror is real.

We believe that the objective of the enemy in this war is total world domination.

We believe that our nation must do whatever is required, but within the bounds of our Constitution, to defeat this global threat.


5 - War on Drugs


We insist on severe penalties for drug dealers. The higher up on the distribution chain, the more severe the penalty.

We also believe that penalties should be very severe for those in law enforcement or other agencies assigned to fight the war on drugs who violate that trust.

We believe that governmental programs aimed at prevention should take priority over rehabilitation programs.


6 - Judiciary System


A. Courts:

We advocate the appointment of judges who are strict constructionists in their interpretation of the Constitution and who do not attempt to legislate law from the judicial bench.

We believe that federal courts should leave to the states matters concerning the involvement of religious affairs in community life.

We advocate serious steps to bring about tort reform.

B. 1st Amendment:

We oppose so-called “hate Crimes” legislation which threatens free speech of citizens who express opposition to life styles promoted by social values revisionists.

C. 2nd Amendment:

We believe that the 2nd amendment to the Constitution allows just what it says and that there should be no infringement on the individual citizens right to own and bear arms.


7- Education System


We see no Constitutional authority for the federal government to be involved with education.

We believe that school systems should be controlled first by parents and the local community.

We favor the elimination of the US Department of Education.

State departments should exist more in a service and assistance role to local communities.

We object to schools being used as laboratories for social engineering to bring about social change.


8 - Governing and Political System



We support the accurate titling of bills in regard to their content.

We support legislation to eliminate amendments not pertinent to the title of the bill under consideration.

We believe that every bill proposed in Congress should be accompanied by a Constitutional

citation that authorizes its consideration.


We support candidates at all levels of government who will truly support lower taxes and lower government spending.

We support realistic efforts to bring about smaller, more efficient government.

We support a mandatory balanced budget.

Campaign Finance

We oppose governmental matching funds for political candidates.

We support regulation of campaign spending to equalize exposure of candidates to the public.

Electoral College

We oppose any efforts to eliminate or change the Electoral College system.

Presidential Executive Orders

We recommend elimination of presidential authority to issue executive orders, presidential decision directives, and other administrative mandates that do not have congressional approval. Further, we recommend a repeal of all previous executive orders and administrative mandates.


9 - Energy Policies & Goals


We support any necessary efforts to protect America’s interest in oil supplies of the world to the extent that their control cannot be used as a weapon against our industry or economy.

We support utilization of our own resources to supply our needs with consideration for reasonable environmental protection.

We believe in American ingenuity and encourage investment in research for alternative energy sources.

We encourage national interest policies rather than international operation profits by America’s energy industry.

We believe that the American people have the character to discipline themselves regarding conservation of energy if they are encouraged to do so by respected leaders.


10 - The Economy


We oppose federal subsidies of agriculture that profit large agri-businesses but do little for the smaller farmers.

We encourage reduction of governmental control of small business so that free market environments may exist.

We believe that illegal immigrants are a significant drain on the U.S. economy through social services costs, costs of criminal incarceration , special provisions (such as dual language signage, etc.).

We believe that penalties on employers of illegals and those who provide housing to them are one of the only ways to effectively decrease illegal immigration.


11 - Environment and Global Warming


We believe legislation regarding environmental protection should be based on unquestionable scientific evidence and not be used as a political campaign tool.

We believe that the economics as well as any potential returns of any environmental action should be strongly considered before the action is taken.


12 - Civil Rights & Social Programs


We believe that ample opportunities exist for all citizens and we oppose Affirmative Action

We oppose any type of reparation.

We oppose any individuals or legislation which would continue to suppress the freedom and self respect of individuals or groups by supposing to give them “free” or special privileges for which they have not competed.


13 - Health Care


We support tort reform in the courts to limit excessive expense to the medical profession through insurance costs.

We strongly oppose any attempts to socialize the health care system.

We support any efforts to return the medical profession to one with a “humanitarian” philosophy while maintaining reasonably high rewards for those dedicated to that philosophy.

We support any efforts that encourage citizens to take responsibility for their own health care costs and to refrain from abuse of the system

We support any legislation that protects citizens as well as medical professionals from unfair practices on the part of insurance companies.

Health care is not a constitutional guarantee but a free market enterprise. Government subsidies for health care should gradually be eliminated.


14 - Republic vs Democracy


We oppose any attempt the change the Constitution into a “living document” which can be easily changed at the whim of any group in power at a particular time.

We believe that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and we oppose any law or practice by our government that is contrary to that moral base.

We strongly believe in the freedom of the individual to adopt any religious beliefs they choose, but their behavior as citizens must remain within the boundaries of the laws of this nation